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 At Dunne Inspection Services, we recognize how hard your profession can be, and we want to help with that. While we can’t write offers or host open houses for you, we can make your daily grind slightly easier through several agent-only features, including Online Scheduling in under 2 minutes, an incredibly easy to use Repair Request Builder, Pre-Listing Inspection Packages including full warranties and listing.

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Repair Request Builder

Real Estate Agents, your job just got easier!

The exclusive Repair Request Builder allows our real estate agent partners to quickly select which of our recommendations to include in a custom report, including requested credit amounts and custom comments. You then receive an HTML and PDF document that includes our literature and photos to send to the listing agent.


Say Goodbye to copy and paste and hello to click and send!

You know as well as anyone, time is money. In that case, saving time is saving money. This video is only 3 minutes long, yet we guarantee it will save you WAY more than that once you experience how EASY it is to create a Repair Request directly from the inspection report!



Why Inspect before listing?

Does it cost the same?

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While it may seem strange to pay for an inspection before listing a property for sale, we ask that you take a minute to fully consider this. Not only does a Pre-Listing Inspection inform the seller and listing agent of any issues that may arise on a buyer’s inspection report, but it provides the seller with time to make repairs. Instead of calling a contractor and paying a premium to get on their schedule before closing or having to call multiple contractors to find one available, the seller can make arrangements with contractors that are available at normal times and rates, make repairs themselves, or consider how best to handle major items or items they do not wish to repair.

Yes. We are performing a thorough inspection of the house and components with the same attention to detail as we would with any inspection. Since we do not discount our efforts, we do not discount our rates. 



All of our Pre-Listing Clients receive the same warranty coverages as our Pre-Purchase Clients, over $100,000 in warranties that cover the Sewer, Water Main, Roof, Foundation, Mold, and Mechanical components. Part of this warranty coverage is transferable to the buyer.


​​ Our Pre-Listing clients receive the Mortgage Protection Program FREE. This protects them from future inspection findings causing delays with the closing. If we perform the pre-listing inspection, and any buyer’s inspection reveals items that cause the closing to be delayed, the Sellers mortgage will be paid in full, up to $5,000 per month, for up to 3 months. 

Free Negligent Referral Protection for Real Estate Agents

Dunne Inspection Services Inspectors are InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspectors and are backed by InterNACHI. InterNACHI is so sure of its inspectors that it will indemnify any licensed real estate agent in an amount up to $10,000 if a third party successfully sues the agent for negligent referral of an InterNACHI inspector.  This protection is offered at no cost to agents who register.



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